UN Agenda 21, US Education Goal: Dumbing Down America

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center ( http://www.americanpolicy.org/ ) introduces Michael Chapman of Ed Watch ( http://www.edwatch.org / ) who gives a detailed account of the brain-washing happening throughout our nations school systems, the revision of history, and the programming of our children in group think, consensus building, and allowing students to define their own truths through “Constructivism”. Does 2 + 2 really equal 4? Ed Watch is shedding light on the cancerous educational curriculum birthed from the United Nations UNESCO being implemented in every school across America. From history revision to misrepresenting the US Constitution there is a purposeful dumbing down of our children under the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Initiative of UNESCO. From ‘Goals 2000′ to ‘No Child Left Behind’ our children are cleverly manipulated to reject God-given rights and American free market principles in favor of government-granted rights while living in the “global village”. Beware of terms such as School-To-Work, Competitive Economic Marketplace, Outcome Based Education, Workforce Investment, and Lifelong Learning. These programs were modeled after the Polytechnical System that came straight out of the old communist eastern block nations where children have their careers already picked out by the ruling elite. ESD aims to help facilitate business labor needs with a “less” knowledgeable workforce. Knowledge and truth are two powerful attributes they wish to bury. The subject matter is not hidden as it is available in the ESD curriculum. I will paraphrase…. “Less knowledge is more favorable for sustainability as more ‘highly’ educated people tend to use more resources”. This is all rooted in the United Nations Agenda 21/Sustainable Development program. It is a complex and far reaching agenda for global governance under the pretense of “saving mother earth” where the youth have to be conditioned for the trampling of the US Constitution. Where the wealthy are subject to lose property rights in the name of social justice or social equity. Here is a link to the UNESCO ESD page – http://www.unesco.org/en/esd/

UN Agenda 21 New US Education : Goal is Dumb Worker Bees.2-7
UN Agenda 21 New US Education : Goal is Dumb Worker Bees.3-7
UN Agenda 21 New US Education : Goal is Dumb Worker Bees.4-7
UN Agenda 21 New US Education: Goal is Dumb Worker Bees.5-7
UN Agenda 21 New US Education: Goal is Dumb Worker Bees.6-7
UN Agenda 21 New US Education: Goal is Dumb Worker Bees.7-7

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