Standing on principle makes representative “irrelevant”?

So, if a representative stands on their principles and votes independently of the majority, they are now irrelevant? Isn’t this what the voters expect when they elect a representative? I don’t think they ran for office with the expectation of future rewards from leadership. You didn’t mention the reasons why they voted no.

First of all, a new Georgia Supreme Court building designed to administer justice for all should not be named after anyone and especially not for an individual that will now be a lobbyist potentially seeking political favor within the same building.

Surely, the AJC can see the ethical contradictions. You should be calling out this obvious conflict of interest. I guess you expect them to vote in “lockstep” with the house leadership. This is exactly what’s wrong with our body politik.

Kudos to Matt Gurtler and Colton Moore for standing on principle.



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